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It's time you knew what's really going on.

A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool.

Proverbs 17:10







The Greatest Disadvantage Of The Targeted Individual


This page is very difficult for me to write because I fully understand the overwhelming fear & disorientation the Target can experience when left to his own devices.  For me the first 3 years of the experience were absolutely devastating until I was compelled, if not coerced, into making some hard-core life changes in order to find my alignment with Christ.  Now, although the adversarial harassment has accelerated against the ministry of late, I know I am safe in the palm of His hand & that I tread upon serpents & scorpions daily. 


At the beginning of this experience, however, I had NO authority over the underworld at in spite of the fact that I had already come to the realization that the biblical prophecies were true.  This was the case even though I was involved in vigorous prayer, attending a church several times a week & exercising an optimistic faith.  Nevertheless, the principalities & powers of darkness were treading upon me, not me upon them.  I implore you to please take what I am about to tell you with the utmost seriousness even if you decide not to like me for choosing to be so forthright.


The reason my Christianity was ineffective at its inception was because I was not treating Truth as a paramount issue.  Yes, of course, I was experiencing all the miraculous events or ‘blessings’ promised us in the last days along with the many exotic dreams & visions-junk food for the soul.  Unfortunately many people believe that these occurrences are clear evidence of Godly favor.  They are not.  Even more sad is that those who receive these ‘supernatural communications’ believe they are the chosen prophets of God in spite of the fact that the truth of what they received has never been confirmed.  


My period of adult Christianity only dates back 7 years, but one thing I will tell you is that the first thing I recognized about this walk is that it is not for the emotionally immature.  Having this awareness, however, did not prevent me from making my own mistakes. 

I’ve explained elsewhere that I had read the bible through as a young teenager.  Although I spent the subsequent 35 years as an atheist when I re-entered the church I remembered enough of what I had read to know that the prosperity preachers were liars.  I knew that Christ had walked in poverty & that he commanded his disciples to do so as well.  He required that everything & everyone in this life be abandoned to follow him into the next.  I also knew that when the preacher said his congregants had power over the demon world that this wasn’t true, that in spite of all the regular laying on of hands at the altar and deliverance meetings no one was free of their invasions. 


I had heard the rumors about the pagan origins of Christmas, Easter & Sunday worship, but didn’t question why my church practiced all of these.  One of the biggest lies was when the bishop said the congregation was on its way into Canaan.  I knew that couldn’t be right because only 2 people out of 2 million people made it through the first time. Still, I sat with that congregation for several years feeding on the warmth, generosity & cultural normalcy of the friends I had made there, allowing the ministers to edify me with nonsensical falsities, oblivious to the fact that I was committing a reprehensible, insulting & treasonous act against the Christ I claimed to love.


 The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding

shall remain in the congregation of the dead.
Proverbs 21:16 


Before going any further, I need to remind you of something you must never for a moment allow yourselves to forget.  This awakening we are experiencing as members of the Israelite nation, this revived consciousness that allows us to see & hear what others do not, IS MERELY AN ADVANTAGE.  DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BELIEVING THAT IT IS A GUARANTEE WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH!  Historically, in spite of the many prophets who died in the process of pleading with God’s people to understand the error of their ways, our forefathers characteristically refused to believe the gravity of their situations & were either taken into hard bondage or lost their lives at the hand of a brutal enemy.  You and I are in the identical predicament.


The website went up in August of 2012 & since then I have had the opportunity to speak with many Targeted Individuals on conference calls.  The standing rule is that we are there to speak exclusively about Christ & his agenda.  Most people are willing to comply as long as I am with them on the call.

However, on several occasions I have had to get off-line & then re-enter. Without exception, I have returned to find that the dialog reverted to the TI’s fascination with the incredible organizing abilities & prowess of their enemies. 


What I will ask them to do when I hear them lapsing into this conversational dysfunction is to consider instead 2 significantly more relevant issues:


  • The first being why they evidently find Satan so much more fascinating than the heroism of Christ, to the extent that if they are not consistently ‘monitored’ they immediately lapse into focusing on the maniacal &


  • Secondly, why they can’t be counted upon to have at least the same organizational reliability & prowess as that of their enemies.


The reality is that most of you would much rather sit plastered in front of a series of youtube videos watching the barrage of Illuminati symbolism that is pointlessly displayed in Hollywood movies & magazines or converse endlessly with each other about the revised ‘Stasi Agenda’ than to sit & study the Word in search of the Truth Christ hung on the cross to deliver to you & I.  Unfortunately, the expression ‘We speak most about what we love’ happens to be true &, make no mistake, both God & the adversarial watchers know exactly what fascinates you most in spite of your protests to the contrary.


The reality is that the greatest & ultimately lethal disadvantage

of the Targeted Individual

is spiritual complacency & lack of integrity.


There, I've said it & believe me it gives me no pleasure-only immense sadness.  If at this point you feel offended I must warn you that what I’m about to write will not mitigate but only expound upon this statement.  Yet I implore you to continue reading because this may well be the last warning you will receive to change your ways before it’s simply too late.


Most of you seem to lack the understanding that you were supposed to have been pivotal instruments in the salvation of your family members as well as those whom God assigned to your care.  You & I are the bodies on the ground-a kingdom of priests.  Yet, instead of concerning yourselves with their destinies, most of you are simply devastated that they were incapable of believing & helping you with the target experience.  No, they don't need to know about it!  What they need is an accurate understanding of why Christ came to the earth & the exact nature of the gift he continues to offer to mankind. 


Remember, before you go about organizing a posy of TIs to lynch me, I’ve already confessed to you that I also made my share of mistakes. In fact, I lived with bodily pain for many years as a result. Today the enemy CANNOT touch my body.  Why?  Because I learned very concretely that the nightly inflictions of pain were directly related to my willingness to ‘sin’.  


Of course I am not suggesting that I no longer sin, but I do make the claim that during the last 2 years I've been raced through a rigorous repentance-transformation process that has evidently satisfied some divine requirement to the extent that I've been released from much of my former bondage.  If you take nothing else from this text I implore you to remember this:






Wikipedia on the definition of sin:

The Biblical terms that have been translated from Greek and Hebrew as “sin” or "syn" originate in archery and literally refer to missing the "gold" at the centre of a target, but hitting the target, i.e. error. In archery, not hitting the target at all is referred to as a "miss".


The attacks I once suffered are a thing of the past.  But to arrive at this place of safety meant a lot of emotional soul searching, letting go of the counterfeit faith in spite of the fond childhood memories &, yes, strict obedience to the laws of God-not natural inclinations for a citizen of the American culture.

Understand this much:  The foremost goal of the Illuminati watchers is to illuminate our pathologies, our illnesses. (addictions, resentments, fears, petulance, lack of self-control, masochistic-sadistic tendencies, narcissism & so on) Of course these conditions are most obvious during states of extreme stress, most specifically, when we are in states of pain, confusion & fear.


The actual ‘attack’ only has to be minimally inflicted for one’s reflexive inclinations to be revealed. For example, a boy in a car may follow you to the supermarket.  The boy doesn't actually have to touch or threaten you physically-a fertile imagination is more than sufficient to complete the devastation process.


Magic only requires a suggestion. 

The real damage is self-inflicted


a Satanist can only bring out the pathology

that already exists inside of you!


Thus, if our enemies can demonstrate that we as individuals love to think & speak predominantly about dysfunctional, fear-victimization scenarios as opposed to visions of love, faith, hope & mission, they have attained their goal.   This is especially true in the case of those professing to walk with Christ.  Furthermore, if our predators can successfully instigate the same mental-emotional manipulations en masse, then they can control the course of social change. 


It is for this reason that the Illuminati gatekeepers' primary ambition is to disinform & to generate fear.

In fact, generating fear & disinformation is the primary agenda of the fear-mongering Target support groups & their call-in cronies-to terrorize Targets with thoughts & visions that are then incorporated into their realities.  

This brings me to perhaps the most egregious & lethal sin of the Target.  It is the sin of allowing oneself to be easily seduced & lied to.  We are, after all, Eve's children & the adversary has been appallingly successful at manipulating us for most of our lives. It can be a dangerous mistake to blindly assume that Target support groups are always safe. There are only 2 classes of people who are permitted to represent Christ in such a forum:


The first is those that have not been able to overcome their own resentments, addictions & fears &, thus, can only promote a 'useless', ineffective Christianity-one that maligns the true meaning of discipleship & fosters victimhood.  The vision I have of these people is as a group standing in a sinking ship embracing & comforting one another as the boat descends into the depths of oblivion.


Then there is the second group-those that present themselves as Christian Targets but are flat-out LIARS!  I could name names, but why bother?  If I expose one liar to you there is another already in position to follow in each & every one of your lives.  Remember, the problem of gullibility is INSIDE YOU!  

To add insult to injury, the place one is most likely to find some emotional rest & invigoration is in an institutional church promoting a false doctrine.  For this very reason I implore people to read the Word-cover to cover-again & again…I simply know of no other way to protect oneself against doctrinal deception.



the wrong fitting key simply will NOT open

the gateway you are hoping to pass through.


The fact that our enemies callously devise plots to destroy the lives of innocent people is obviously appalling.  However, the greater tragedy is the fact that most Targets continue to be habitually compliant in facilitating the adversarial mission.  Consider this an urgent plea for you to stop colluding with the enemy in his effort to prove that human beings are little more than blank white pages upon which he is at liberty to write one delusional scenario after another.  Remember also that if you insist upon treating Truth, right thinking & clean living as dispensable elements in your lives you will one day be required to reap what you have sown.



It's time you knew what's really going on.

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