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 It's time you knew what's really going on.


My Story


Finding the Narrow Path


Letter To A Friend


The Hidden Agenda


Keeping Perspective


Walking the Walk


The Messiah's Lineage


The Vision




Our Virtual Reality


The Creation as a Case for God


To Read or Not to Read


Observing God's Laws-NOT Optional


Only ONE Will Win


For Catholics Only


Be Happy-Sounds Simple Right?

(Behold, The Kingdom Of God

Is Within You!)


Commentary: The Matrix


America: The New Jerusalem


For Jews Only


The Latter Day Regathering of Israel


No Forgiveness-No Gift


True Repentance


What Are You Teaching?


Christianity & The Tongue


Faith Without Obedience

Is Not Faith


Works Are The Evidence


The Good Tree Brings Forth TRUTH


It's Not A Game-It's War!


Why The Diaspora?


True Prophet/False Prophet


Strategy: Seduction


God's Law Eternal-1


God's Law Eternal-2


The Accursed Thing


Baalam's War Strategy


Sabbath: The Perpetual Covenant


The Wolves Among Us


Christ Died For All Men


To Understand The Latter Day Period

Requires The Entire Bible,

Not Just Revelation




Common Institutional Distortions


God' Jubilee


The Job Lesson


The Survival List


The Warrior Expectation


The Unpardonable Sin


Choose Your Names Carefully


Nutritional Guidelines


Use Discretion!


You Must Learn To Discern

Before It's Too Late


The Extraordinary Advantage 

Of The Targeted Individual


The Greatest Disadvantage

Of The Targeted Individual


Flying In Dreams

Is NOT A 'Good' Thing!


Are You Being

'Straightened In Your Bowels'?


The Issue Of Carnality


Are You Looking

For Another?


Treading On Serpents & Scorpions


There Is No Marriage

In Heaven


The Pauline Dilemma


When Works Matter


The 3 Deadly Sins

You May Not Know About


Only By The Power Of The Holy Ghost


The Historical Misuse Of The Word 'Jew'

And Its Consequences

For The House Of Israel


The Gangstalker's Folly


What It Will Take To Stop

Islam's 'Tower Of Babel"
















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