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Christ's words:

This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light....

John 3:19



....For a little while longer the Light is among you

Walk while you have the Light,

so that darkness will not overtake you....

John 12:35

I have rewritten portions of the subscript taken from the above video so that you will have the opportunity to read them with care:


"If patriots across Europe would ignore the globalist propaganda

that falsely identifies the invader as starving refugees,

the sacking of Europe would be averted.  

In the year 410 Rome was sacked by (Germanic) barbarians.  

In the year 2015 all of Europe is being sacked by barbarians.  

Like the sacking of Rome,

the sacking of Europe will have dire consequences.  

The sacking of Rome introduced the Dark Ages that lasted over a thousand years.  

The sacking of Europe is introducing a new Dark Age

from which humanity will NEVER emerge....." 


Repeating what I have written elsewhere, the Germanic invasions that began in 410 precipitated the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire, also known as the First Reich. Today the Nazi puppet masters are clandestinely headquartered in Chile where they nevertheless are well capable of orchestrating this fourth, and what they believe to be their final, attempt at planetary control.  Naziism's first Dark Age was mitigated by the fact that authentic Jews & Christians were able to flee to the land we now call America where they found safe haven from the horror of the Spanish Inquisition.  American territory soon became the world's refuge of hope for downtrodden souls everywhere.  


However, if the Dark Age culture of the Fourth Reich were to successfully establish itself on a full global scale as the enemy of our species intends, humanity will be left with only the most dismal prospects for escape.  The battle is now and the stakes are higher than they have ever been.  We each must choose to abandon our many tranquillizing diversions and unite with the unwavering purpose to tear down this impending restoration of Babel's Tower while there is still time!


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