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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke



We all know that for every major conflict there is an underlying, sometimes nefarious explanation for engaging which covert powers will attempt to withhold from public knowledge. However, we also know that the reason the average Christian hero can be counted upon to pick up arms is for what he believes to be a noble & right cause. More often than not that cause will involve defending the defenseless.


The Civil War in this country (the US) was won by the North because a sizable number of 'peaceful' Christians were willing to give their lives to fight for the emancipation of black slaves. In World War 2 these valiant hearts believed they were fighting the 'good war' to prevent the spread of Fascist brutality. (I am acquainted with the idealism that motivated many of these people because my own parents lived the sacrificial lives required to win that war.) Today, there are Christian soldiers who have returned to Iraq to fight independently of the United States military for no other reason than to protect Iraqi families that are being threatened by ISIS. This extraordinary behavior of the altruistic Christian is directly related to the commandment Christ gave his followers to 'love as he loved', meaning nothing less than to be willing to lay down one's life for one's fellow men.


ACCORDING TO THIS STANDARD THERE ARE NO 'PEACEFUL' MUSLIMS-THERE ARE ONLY THOSE WHO REALLY JUST DON'T WANT TO 'GET INVOLVED'. Certainly, no one should ever count upon so-called 'peaceful' Muslims to do the right thing, meaning to place themselves in harms way for the purpose of preventing their own extremist groups from hurting other people. A 'peaceful' Christian is one that is capable of caring about & defending those of all races & faiths.  Remember the bombing of militant Croatian Christians who practiced their genocidal agenda against their Muslim neighbors?   'Peaceful' Muslims are those who demand the use of planetary resources while retaining the right to not give a damn about anyone who does not cower to their suffocated vision of life. As for the rest of us, we had better raise the bar in defining the concepts of 'peaceful' & 'good' or we are all going to lose the precious & fragile privileges which many courageous lives fought, bled & died to provide for us.


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