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It's time you knew what's really going on.

Yea, truth faileth;

and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey....

Isaiah 59:15

Departing From Evil


Since putting up this website in August of 2013 I've been contacted by Targets as far away as Israel & Australia.  The popularized notion that the Targeting experience is an 'American' problem simply isn't true.  Moreover, while targets differ in location, ethnicity, education, start dates, & trigger events what links them together is that each, whether knowingly or unknowingly, at some point made a move to break a contract with evil. Some of the more common scenarios are these:


-Breakup with an emotionally abusive boyfriend

-Maritial divorce with an abusive husband

-The leaving of a false religion such as Buddhism, Taoism, Scientology, etc.

-The leaving of any obvious occult practice

-The leaving of an apostate church

-The leaving of any location such as a workplace that was engaged in corrupt ethical practice

-The attempt to expose corruption or abuse on any level

-The cessation of any addictive compulsion

-The cessation of any dysfunctional sexual practice or inclination

-The cessation of fornications or adulteries


Certainly the 'leaving' event may sometimes not actually involve a physical relocation or action, but may be limited to a renewed heart-desire for Truth & sanity after having tolerated a prolonged period of seductive lies & other forms of abuse.


Whatever the scenario, & I have no doubt you can provide many other legitimate examples, the fact is that we are never aware that we have touched 'the accursed thing' until we try to walk away from it.  Still, many people have left false churches over the years without going through the Target experience.  Why are we 'different' & why is this happening to us now?  That's what I try to explain in the audio series linked in below. 


Since I read from the text, 'It's Not A Game-It's War', I've linked that page here as well.  I strongly recommend that you have it open so that you can read along as I speak.  I realize everything you're about to hear will be new & probably strange for you, but please hang in there because it just happens to be the Truth! 




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