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It's time you knew what's really going on.


18 And say, Thus saith the Lord God;

Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes,

and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls!

Will ye hunt the souls of my people,

and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?

19 And will ye pollute me among my people

for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, 

to slay the souls that shouldnot die,

and to save the souls alive that should not live,

by your lying to my people that hear your lies?

(Jezebel-the false prophetess of the churches does just this.)

20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God;

Behold, I am against your pillows,

wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly,

and I will tear them from your arms,

and will let the souls go,

even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.

21 Your kerchiefs also will I tear,

and deliver my people out of your hand,

and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted;

and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

22 Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad,

whom I have not made sad;

and strengthened the hands of the wicked,

that he should not return from his wicked way,

by promising him life:

23 Therefore ye shall see no more vanity,

nor divine divinations: for I will deliver my people out of your hand:

and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

Ezekiel 13:18-23



Flying (Or Spinning Or Whirling) In Dreams Is NOT A 'Good Thing'!

FLYING (or Spinning or Whirling) IN DREAMS IS NOT A 'GOOD' THING



Since, like most of you, I too am a Target I will speak on this topic from the vantage of the one acted upon.  What I can tell you is this much-we are all in a time-sensitive struggle to open the gateways that will grant us eligibility to exit this game world carnival.  Christ gave us the formula but it's been egregiously corrupted by the hidden doctrinal leaven of our day.  Ours is a constant struggle to maneuver through an ever-shifting context of truth & lies as we each race to complete our private transformative processes, hoping to be counted worthy to be permitted to conclude the final exit phase.


Meanwhile, our enemies are in direct competition with us for reasons I really do not understand.  All I know is that I am NEVER to be in competition with them.  My role is simply to be wise as a serpent & harmless as a dove, compassionate but not the fool. What I do know is that their ambition is to shift us through downward portals so that they can advance past us. A primary tool in this aim is the transport of our souls into enemy visuals over which our own allies (the angelic army of Christ) has less control.  This transport mechanism is called ASTRAL PROJECTION & is generally performed at night while you are in a sleep state during the WITCHING HOUR (between 2:30 & 3:30 A.M.)  


What you will experience is usually a dream of seduction in which you feel yourself to be flying or whirling or spinning or being gently lured out of your body.  If you recognize this happening to you, force yourself to wake up & engage in vigorous prayer calling for the angels of Christ to protect & war for you.  If you are too groggy to think clearly, simply say the Our Father repeatedly.  As soon as you are sufficiently awake get out of bed & walk as you pray until daylight comes & you know you are safe. 


One more thing that it is imperative for you to understand. You must accept no gifts.  Why?  Gifts (even as little as a $1 bill) will indenture your soul to the giver.  If you think you know well who to trust & who not to trust think again. You & I would not be targets today if we weren't the 'sheep among the wolves'.

The victims described in the passage from Ezekiel were evidently accepting garments that had curses attached to something woven into the armpits.  The process is really is that subtle & insidious. 


Every day I try to remember to pray that Targets receive the protection they need to sleep soundly & securely.  I hope you will join me in this prayer both for yourselves & for all the other TIs you know. 



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