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It's time you knew what's really going on.












1. Repent

Repentance involves sorrow of heart & a transformed life.

The change begins immediately or it isn't genuine repentance.

Remember: God will not be mocked.

I know it isn't American, but learn humility.


2. Forgive

Forgive so that you may be forgiven-

70 x 7 times a day

Forgiveness is NOT optional.


3.  Obey God

Never forget-Obedience is better than sacrifice.

This is a dangerous world.

Christ is trying to get us to safety.

Obey your commander-in-chief.


4. Read the Word

Study to show yourself approved unto God.

Begin at Genesis, end at Revelation.

When in doubt, stick to the letters in red.


5. Obey God's Word

Start by abandoning pagan holidays & restoring the Biblical Holy Days.

Those who refuse to do this & (by their example) teach others to do so

will be called 'least' in the kingdom of heaven.

Observe the Sabbath which falls on the LAST day of the week, not the first.


6. Fulfill Monetary Obligations

Pay all tithes, first fruits, offerings & alms faithfully.

Expect nothing in exchange except that God will provide what is 'convenient' for you.


7. Bridle Your Tongues

Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.


8. Imitate Christ in All His Ways

Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.

Do all things in love & mercy.


9. Pray Always

Pray particularly to be led into 'All Truth'.


10.  Never Lie or Fear

The Bible is clear that no liars shall enter God's rest.

Fear nothing except God Himself.

Remember, the Hebrews feared the Caananites more than God & for this reason they died in the wilderness.


11.  Stay Focused on God the Father & His Son

Do not embrace the satanic.

....I would have you wise unto that which is good, & simple concerning evil.

Curiosity invites seduction & seduction invites destruction.

I urge you to place tv sets on the curb.  You cannot resist the subliminal messages.

Do not touch the accursed thing.


12.  Test Everyone & Everything

To do this you MUST know the scriptures intimately.

The satanic realm is hierarchical.

This means certain satanic emissaries can & will declare that Christ is God in the flesh & Lord over all.

If it were possible they shall deceive the very elect.


13.  Save Lives

The sheep will be separated from the goats.

Are you prepared to lay down your life for your fellow man?


14.  Memorize Ephesians 6

After reconciliation with God, implement your spiritual rights & authority.


15.  Express Your Gratitude Always 

Remember to show God the love & consideration He deserves.


16.  Search Your Heart Daily

Do you love the Lord Your God with all your heart, mind & soul?

Do you love your neighbor as yourself?

Do you have any idols above, or competing with, the voice of God in your life?



Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: 

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts:

and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God,

for he will abundantly pardon.

Isaiah 55:6-7

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