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I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,

which say they are Jews,

and are not, but do lie;

behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet,

and to know that I have loved thee.

Revelation 3:9




When I was a philosophy major many years ago in college I was trained that, because all language is 'artificial' (humanly contrived), it was therefore necessary to accurately define relevant terminology in advance of any cogent dialog.  Admittedly, I rarely devote time to the fulfillment of this important step before beginning one of my texts.  However, what I am about to discuss here may well be THE most important topic presented on this site. This time it would not be reasonable to proceed without first clarifying and correcting the terrifying and irresponsible misuse of terminology that is being employed to foment indignation against the house of Israel. 


One thing all Christians should be able to agree upon is that Jews who have historically held global power positions are the enemies of Christ and humanity.  As most of us now know this relatively small slice of the human population is adept at puppeteering our world through the illicit banking structure of the Federal Reserve System, through monopolistic media domination of all major news sources, Hollywood entertainment and Vatican religious propaganda as well as through furtive manipulations that control superpower armaments and militias.  Indignation among those in the know is certainly reasonable.  However, blind rage directed against the innocent lives that have been 'set up' to take the fall for the misdeeds of a psychopathic power elite is not.


Throughout the internet the number of preachers and neo-Nazi's who seek to expose the 'Jews' for their egregious crimes against humanity continues to grow annually.  Amazingly, these vigilant bell ringers consider themselves to be among the enlightened 'few'.  However, the sad reality is that large segments of the human population have been convinced to persecute masses of innocent members of the house of Israel again and again simply because a so-called enlightened few  from every generational population rarely care about getting their facts straight.  The crime being committed by the speakers to whom I have listened is that they seldom 

seem to understand, much less provide an accurate definition of, what the word 'Jew' actually means. Rather than being 'awakened' these individuals are simply regurgitating just enough of the information that has been fed to them in order to re-ignite the genocidal pogroms that the 'Jews' have manipulated foolish masses into performing at their behest against the true house of Israel repeatedly and with great success throughout the last two millennia.  


Secret society masters of magic understand very well that they must avoid getting their karmic hands dirty.

Therefore, they manipulate those that believe they are fighting the good fight to execute the crimes they need to accomplish.  Certainly this was what the pharisaic leadership compelled of the authentic followers of YHWH at the time of Christ.  They fed them just enough clouded scriptural 'information' to confuse sincere believers into deciding that Christ was not their Messiah and that killing him was the right thing to do.  When Christ on the cross spoke the words, 'forgive them Lord, they know not what they do' he was not invoking forgiveness for the enemies of YHWH that had infiltrated the pharisaic priesthood.  Rather, he was seeking to release the Israelite zealots, such as Paul, from the ramifications of their misdirected religious fervor that led to his crucifixion.  The consequence of their mistake has exposed generations of authentic Jews, meaning bloodline members of the house of Israel, to cyclical episodes of genocide against them that began with the brutal invasion of Rome into Jerusalem 70 years after Christ's death, to the Spanish Inquisition during the Dark Age period of Vatican control and more recently to the holocaust of the Third Germanic Reich.  Similarly, it is my belief that the current unfettered invasion and carnage carried out by Muslims on Germany's territory is allowed to occur because the 'innocent' German people who did nothing to help YHWH's first born son during the period of Hitler's satanic reign has resulted in themselves being left spiritually unprotected.  


The Fourth and final Reich is known to us as the impending New World Order and today the satanic collective 

needs another genocide of YHWH's people to complete its implementation.  Most importantly, it requires that YHWH's people execute the carnage with their own hands.  What I am suggesting is that the grafted-in sons of Christianity are being manipulated yet again to willingly cheer on what these enemies of humanity hope will be the final slaughter of Jehovah's first born-the Israelite people.  It is my hope that clarifying the limitations and inclusions of a basic noun definition will go far to prevent the actualization of this looming tragedy.  The noun in question is of course the word 'Jew'.


Most believing Christians have heard it said that Christ was a 'Jew' because he descended from the line of Judah. However, this cannot be correct given that the first biblical mention of the word Jew in the book of Esther references a Benjamite:  


Now in Shushan the palace there was a certain Jew,

whose name was Mordecai,

the son of Jair, the son of Shimei, the son of Kish,

a Benjamite....

Esther 2:5


In the New Testament another Benjamite, Paul, also refers to himself as a Jew:


Paul's words:

....For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham,

of the tribe of Benjamin.


Romans 11:1

Paul answered,

"I am a Jew,

from Tarsus in Cilicia...."

Acts 21:39


Clearly, being a Jew had nothing to do with tribal lineage for these men.  


Then there is the assertion that 'Jew' meant one lived in, or descended from people that once lived in, the territory of Judea, a province of Israel.  Certainly, both Christ and Paul lived in this territory.  However, this only meant that they were both 'Judeans' as were the many peoples of varying lineages that lived among them. (Please note that while it is true ‘Judean’ also referred to one having descended from the line of Juda this is not a detail that is pertinent to this particular discussion.) The non-Israelites that lived in Judea were clearly not Jews.  How do we know this?  From the following statement made by Paul to the Romans:


What advantage then hath the Jew?

or what profit is there of circumcision?

Much every way:

chiefly, because that

unto them were committed the oracles of God.

Romans 3:1-2


Certainly, place of residence was not the prominent qualification one had to fulfill in order to be granted the privilege of maintaining the sacred texts.  So, if the noun 'Jew' does not refer specifically to a descendant of the tribe of Judah nor does it refer to a citizen of the state of Judea what then does it actually mean?  According to strict dictionary definition a 'Jew' is one who practices the Jewish Mosaic tradition.  This sounds reasonable until we reconsider the fact that Paul clearly stated that authentic Jews had a distinctive advantage even over all other believers and followers of YHWH. Moreover, he stipulated that to implement this advantage one is compelled to go through the circumcision ritual.  This is especially noteworthy having come from Paul because he later wrote in the book of Galatians that the circumcision process was not required for the salvation of the newly grafted-in followers of YHWH. Nevertheless, when speaking of Jehovah's first-born son, the root of the Christian faith, Paul clearly maintained that the Jewish Israelites retained a noteworthy and exclusive advantage that was not in any way mitigated by the death of Christ and that it was an advantage they were promised to retain throughout all their future generations.  Furthermore, this commission by YHWH to preserve and protect his written law was unequivocally sealed by the on-going covenant of circumcision.  It is an assignment to which no other grafted-in individual or group would legitimately be entitled-'because that unto them (the 'Jews') were committed the oracles of God'. Jehovah had long ago made a perpetual covenant with a group of people that even Paul affirmed would always be unique insofar as this onerous commission to preserve the scriptures of the Old Testament, what in Hebrew is called the Tanakh. 


The fact that Jehovah made a covenant of circumcision with the Israelite nation is critical to remember as we now go on to discuss the groups of people that were converted into the practice of Judaism. Whether these converts fulfill the circumcision rite is largely irrelevant to the issue of preserving the biblical text because their bloodline never had, and never will have, this particular covenant with YHWH.  This is not to say that YHWH does not have many sons in addition to the house of Israel.  Nevertheless, just as Jehovah imparted distinct and different assignments to the various Israelite tribes that were guided by Moses in the wilderness so has YHWH assigned unique roles to the grafted-in families he calls his sons today.  We have been given one doctrine with varying levels of responsibility to uphold and impart that doctrine.  


What every Christian must come to terms with is the fact that there are prominent 'Jews' in the world today who faithfully adhere to the full spectrum of Judaic rituals, including the rite of circumcision, but who do not have the God-given authority to tamper with the divine oracles.  These are people whose forefathers converted to Judaism millennia ago and who, without the imparted generational commission, brazenly integrated their false 'traditions of men' into the pure commandments imparted to Moses by Jehovah.  This was nothing less than a purposeful bait and switch which has resulted in gross doctrinal confusion for many of Jehovah's sincere seekers and placed many on the wide path to destruction.  It is an imperative that Christians come to the immediate understanding that many of those who converted into the practice of Judaism over the millennia were and are the deliberate enemies of YHWH and his people.  They are imposters seeking to subvert and abscond with the blessing promised to the beloved of Christ and his father.  In the book of Revelation these people are spoken of thusly:


....and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews,

and are not,

but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 2:9



I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,

which say they are Jews, and are not,

but do lie;

behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet,

and to know that I have loved thee.

Revelation 3:9


As I have pointed out repeatedly in other texts on this site, the Pharisaic priesthood and positions of government in Judea at the time of Christ were already occupied by Jewish imposters.  The most egregious evidence of their true intentions were the biblical accounts of their conspired efforts to annihilate the Israelite messiah beginning with the attempt of Herod to have Christ murdered in his infancy.  


The first biblical mention of the fact that non-Israelites were interested in associating themselves with the promised blessing Jehovah gave to the Israelite nation is seen in the book of Ezra.  The following passage describes what happened to the ten percent remnant of Jews when they were called back from exile to rebuild the temple that had been burned during the invasion of Nebuchadrezzar seventy years prior:


Now when the adversaries of Judah and Benjamin

heard that the children of the captivity

builded the temple unto the LORD God of Israel;

Then they came to Zerubbabel,

and to the chief of the fathers,

and said unto them,

Let us build with you:

for we seek your God,

as ye do;

and we do sacrifice unto him since the days of Esarhaddon king of Assur,

which brought us up hither.

But Zerubbabel, and Jeshua,

and the rest of the chief of the fathers of Israel,

said unto them,

Ye have nothing to do with us to build an house unto our God;

but we ourselves together will build unto the LORD God of Israel,

as king Cyrus the king of Persia hath commanded us.

Ezra 4:1-3


The most obvious question to ask is why known adversaries of the Israelites would want to help them rebuild their temple. One also wonders who these people were and why and when they settled in Jerusalem.  Most importantly, it is necessary to understand why they were considered adversarial to the house of Israel.


There are a lot of dots to connect here so please bear with me.  The first clue is that these men said that they were seeking the god of Israel since the days of Esarhaddon, king of Assur.  Esarhaddon was the son of Sennecarib, king of the Assyrian Empire, and he reigned from 681-669 BC.  They stated that Esarhaddon 'brought (them) up hither'.  At first reading this may be interpreted to mean that it was Esarhaddon's decision to relocate them.  This is not what actually happened.  What 'bringing them up hither' is referring to here is the fact that they relocated themselves in order to avoid conquest by the Esarhaddon armies that were in the process of expanding the Assyrian Empire into what today is known as Turkish territory.  


As you will recall the descendants of Esau had settled in a mountainous region called Mount Seir that extended from eastern Turkey down to the region that is today known as southern Jordan. However, about four hundred years after the invasions of Assyria the prophet Obediah foretold that, like their Israelite cousins, this tribe of Edomites would be brutally invaded by the armies of the Babylonian king, Nebuchadrezzar.  More important to this topic is that the writings of Obediah also reveal the fact that in his lifetime the Edomites were no longer residing in the mountain ranges of Turkey and Jordan but had relocated to a city with close proximity to Jerusalem called Idumea.  The importance of this relocation should be obvious to anyone familiar with the long-standing animosity that existed, and continues to exist, between the descendants of Esau against the descendants of Jacob. In fact, Obediah stated unequivocally that Jehovah made his decision to give the Edomites over to Nebuchadrezzar's invading forces because when Jerusalem had been invaded they, the Edomites, had cruelly captured escaping Israelites and brought them back to their Babylonian conquerors for enslavement or worse.  Remember, there is a 'blessing' and a 'birthright' at issue here.  These were passed through Jacob but the children of Esau never quite abandoned the hope that they would be able to reclaim them. Strangers outside of this extended family context can only speculate as to what these prizes actually entail but it would be a serious mistake to underestimate either their value or the passionate ambitions that have driven men to procure them.  Moreover, there were a series of fortuitous events that conspired to expose Israelite protectionism to Edomic infiltration.


In 168 BCE Syrian ruler, Antiochus Epiphanes IV, had his armies march into Jerusalem with the intention of coercing the Israelite people into abandoning their monotheistic god for the pagan worship practices of Syria.  What he did not expect was the resistance that ensued.  The Judean Maccabbee family launched a two year long revolt that succeeded in permanently driving the Syrian aggressors out of Jerusalem territory.  Unfortunately, this experience convinced the Israelites that in order to ensure their protection from further assaults it was necessary to themselves force convert all those strangers living within their proximity.  Among these peoples were the Edomites that had returned from Babylonia to live in nearby Idumea.  Needless to say, the insult of this coercive measure upon them further enraged the edomic population who, known for their ruthless and brilliant ingenuity, devised a way to make lemonade out the pile of the bitter lemons they had been forced to swallow.


These forced converts were the first 'false Jews'.  Unlike, for example, the Ethiopian population of Midianites that willingly conjoined themselves with the house of Israel and to the service of Jehovah, the Idumean Edomites were resentful participants in the practice of Mosaic law.  They studied and practiced the laws of Moses while at the same time harboring an utter contempt for the Israelite Jews that had been exclusively gifted with the promises and covenant of Jehovah. Nevertheless, they came to the awareness that the conversion provided them with enormous advantages both in terms of accessing the Israelite blessings and in sabotaging the Israelite mission.  Within several generations the Israelites themselves did not know who among them were descended from Jacob and who from Esau.  However, the Edomic power elite never lost sight of who belonged, and who did not belong, to their unwitting community of prey.


Their first mission was to infiltrate the Israelite priesthood and corrupt its doctrine.  They instituted a set of laws they claimed were originated by Moses himself that were adjunctive to the laws Moses had transcribed.  More importantly, they spread the teaching that this oral, interpretive law superseded the written commandments that had been dictated to Moses by Jehovah himself.  Similar to the Vatican's declaration that papal dictates are more relevant and timely than those imparted by YHWH through Moses, the Pharisaic rabbis collectively usurped the lead role as humanity's moral standard bearers, manipulating and contriving new and corruptive legal additions at will.  

In reality, the oral law did not have its inception in the days of Moses.  Rather, these manmade traditions had their beginnings during the period the Israelites were enslaved on Babylonian territory.  The oral tradition was initiated as a set of compensatory regulations to the sacrificial rights the Jews were unable to perform on foreign soil.  For the exiled Israelites, these practices were intended to demonstrate their continued love and respect for the god of their fathers, the god they hoped would one day receive them back into his fold.


When Christ visited the earth two thousand years ago he came to ameliorate the suffering of the Israelites that had remained loyal to his father but he was consistently intercepted and out-weighted by the illegal claim to divine authority that the Edomic power base had already firmly established within Jerusalem's synagogal leadership.  These were the angry and unrepentant words Christ spoke to these defiled Pharisaic imposters:


Ye are of your father the devil,

and the lusts of your father ye will do.

He was a murderer from the beginning,

and abode not in the truth,

because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie,

he speaketh of his own:

for he is a liar,

and the father of it. 

John 8:44


As stated, the Edomic Pharisees incorporated a large body of contrived legalisms into Mosaic practices by which they succeeded in negating the protective value that Jehovah's commandments were intended to place upon his suffering people.  Judaism was transformed from the law that 'coverts the soul' to an onerous set of pointless rituals and satanic perspectives that were wholly designed to consume the delicate lives of those YHWH hoped to edify and preserve.  Just as Christians lose the ability to accurately identify their God when they make the mistake of embracing the pagan practices traditional to apostate churches, the Israelites forfeited the divinely granted compass that would have allowed them to recognize Christ as their messianic promise fulfilled.


Christ's words:

Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written,

This people honoureth me with their lips,

but their heart is far from me.

Howbeit in vain do they worship me,

teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

For laying aside the commandment of God,

ye hold the tradition of men,

as the washing of pots and cups:

and many other such like things ye do.

And he said unto them,

Full well ye reject the commandment of God,

that ye may keep your own tradition.

Mark 7:6-9


The pharisaic Judaism of Christ's day is today called Rabbinic Judaism and continues to rely heavily upon the Oral traditions that have been transcribed into the many volumes of the Talmud and Midrash. Rabbinic Judaism, however, although certainly not sympathetic to the Christ mission, is no longer its most prominent enemy.  That distinction now goes to the furtive population of Talmud-endorsing Hasidic Jews.  


Hasidism is a closed society comprised exclusively of another family of converts that embraced Judaism roughly 1300 years ago.  These converts were members of a nomadic tribal people originally known as the Khazarian warriors who were, as the descendants of Esau, of Turkish heritage.  Unlike the early Edomic converts living in Idumea, however, Khazarians were never coerced into conversion.  Rather, they were succored into it. The questions to ask are:  Why were they succored at all and why did they freely consent to make such a radical conversion? 


Thirteen hundred years ago the Khazarian people, although nomadic, were confined to the broad Caucus mountain region north of eastern Turkey partly in the territory we now call Kazakhstan.  The Khazars were cornered there by conquering Islamists attempting to spread upwards from the southeast and by Byzantine Christianity that was firmly stationed in the southwest.  The Khazarian king, as legend goes, was compelled to adopt one of the three major monotheistic faiths in order to forge the most efficacious politico-military alliance that could ensure the survival of his tribal nation state.  According to historical accounts it was groups of 'migrating' Jews that taught their Khazarian counterparts the Talmudic Judaism that Christ despised.  This is the romanticized version but in reality there is probably much more to the story.


What was peculiar to the Khazarian Turks was their reputation for unwarranted, psychopathic brutality in battle combined with an unparalleled brilliance for strategic planning.  Who would have been more interested in harnessing this uniquely maniacal collective for their own nefarious agenda than the children of Esau?  In fact, it is certainly possible that the Kharzarians of the Caucus mountains were the offspring of those ancestors that did not follow their Edomic brethren when they migrated to Idumea in order to escape the Assyrian armies of Sennecarib and later his son, Esarhaddon.  If this is indeed the case, then it is relevant to bring to the foreground the fact that the Assyrian Empire was the first national collective of Germanic peoples. The Assyrian empire, also known for its military prowess, had incorporated the Turkish territory of Mount Seir into its borders during its first attempt at an Imperialist state about 800 years prior to the arrival of Christ. It is possible that the industrious Edomites that remained there had established a working relationship with their captors.  In fact, one may justifiably conjecture that this union may well have been the starting point of the furtive alliance that has traditionally existed between Khazarian 'false' Jews and the successive Germanic Reichs.  


Certainly, this Edomic pattern of finding an advantage while constrained by captivity had manifested itself for the Idumeans living under Roman control at the time of Christ.  Without the collusion of the Roman aristocracy whose first ambition was to maintain social stability, the Edomites never would have been able to infiltrate local political stations such as Herod's governorship, much less would they have been granted access to the Israelite priesthood from any other source.  Evidently, the Edomic culture is adept at convincing those with the greatest stash of money and power that they are indispensible to their interests.


The Khazarians Jews were, and continue to be, practitioners of the Judaic faith that possess no legitimate claim to a covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They are in fact the most formidable of his many devious enemies. To this day they unabashedly persist in the practice of promoting their corrupted Oral Law within their own communities as if it were indeed their commission granted by YHWH to inflict, albeit surreptitiously, its polluted tenets upon all of humanity.


Since the arrival of these Khazarian converts the caricature of the 'Jew' has been transfigured from the humble, kind-hearted, morality-keepers of YHWH to the cold-blooded, underhanded money-grubbers we now know dominate the globe.  Historically, the Khazarians managed to sequester themselves in inviolable colonies of grand houses and coveted social amenities while they confined the authentic Israelite people to deplorable ghetto existence.  Meanwhile, emotionally outraged gentile Christians are content to lump both groups into the same pot.  Truth be damned in the face of human outrage.


As things stand now, the Khazarian elite have succeeded in ascending to the top of the global pyramid even above their Nazi partners in crime.  The Islamic dream comes in at a distant third place.  You and I, according to the schematic of this psychopathic threesome, amount to little more than members of their indispensable pool of slave labor.  They have absolutely no compunction in destroying the hope of the humanity to live lives that are worth living. The only real hope that remains at this late stage is that humanity will have the smarts to line up with the correct Christ mission and to launch a quick and effective resistance to their twisted vision of life.


The nation of Israel, as any authentically covenanted Orthodox Jew will try to explain, is NOT the re-gathered house of Israel spoken of in Old Testament prophecy.  It is a secret-society, Luciferian contrivance as evidenced by the Star of Molech that is imaged on its flag. The nationstate of Israel is controlled by the enemies of Christ who also exert a masterful lockdown on all U.S. policy ostensibly executed through the arm of American Israel Political Action Committee. Meanwhile, the authentic Jews that were lured back there after World War 2 constitute only a minor percentage of the entire population.  They are rarely Zionists and they are almost always impoverished.  



What may also come as a shock to you is the fact that a significant number of Israelites can be found sitting in the Palestinian ghettos. These are the descendants of Jersualem-based families that centuries earlier were force-converted into Islam.  Have you not asked yourselves why not one of the many Arabic-speaking nations surrounding Israel have sought to embrace and assimilate these people within their own borders?  When the Zionists first entered Israel the Palestinian natives numbered under 200,000.  Today, they total to about 1.75 million. Certainly, one or several of their so-called allies could have and should have offered them a less contentious homeland. These suffering Palestinians may know nothing of their Israelite bloodline but I assure you the Khazarian imposters that are brutalizing them, as well as the surrounding Arabs that reject their presence, know very well who they are.


While the false Jewish elite were successful in fomenting against their own cruel and sociopathic banking practices within the German nation prior to World War 2, these were not the people the Nazi regime actually brought into concentration camps for extermination. No, the German Christian population made the oft

repeated mistake of annihilating their authentic Jewish population, those in covenant with YHWH, those committed to preserving his oracles and teaching his morality by example throughout the world.


Today these Khazarian imposters have succeeded in implementing a similar strategic scenario to compel the final slaughter of their near voiceless victims around the world.  Lies are rampant and the gullible people swallowing them are absolutely convinced that they know the 'truth'.  Islamists are calling for the destruction of Israel as well as its people, African Americans have been persuaded that they were robbed of the authority of the Israelite covenant by 'white' people and are seeking retribution and a growing number of Christian ministers are attempting to enlighten their congregants with a variety of false presuppositions about the Jewish people. Meanwhile, covenanted Jews wait in terror as these simple-minded masses are being yet again fractured against them.


With regard to Christian ministers, on the one hand there are those who fail to understand the fact that the Zionist agenda is antithetical to the biblical promise of the re-gathering.  To repeat what I have explained in depth elsewhere on this site, the prophetic re-gathering is of the WHOLE house of Israel.  Those authentic Jews that have been recalled to Israel are the descendants of only a ten percent remnant that were enslaved in Babylonia.  These are the children of the tribes of Juda, Benjamin and the Levitical priesthood.  The other tribes have yet to be recalled so, no, the state of Israel is NOT the prophetic re-gathering event. Therefore, no, caring Christians should NOT be praying for the protection of the state of Israel and its government.


On the other hand, there are those ministers that have gained their notoriety by exposing the nefarious, anti-Christian agenda of the Israeli Zionist movement.  They launch their accusations against the families of false

Khazarian Jews that have taken humanity's good faith and turned it against itself, in the process often revealing many of the underhanded devices and modus operandi that have been used to control our world. Sadly, theirs is a good start that ends badly because, for all their laudable 'watchmen' intentions, these ministers fail to responsibly identify and disassociate covenanted Jews from the mix of criminals they are seeking to expose.  This sloppy vision of affairs precipitates horrific scenarios of tragedy whereupon easily manipulated and under-educated 'Christians' around the world become willing to support the persecution of innocent covenant-keeping Jews.


So, what is a caring Christian to do?  First and foremost, it is necessary to stop praying for the state of Israel and start directing prayers and, yes, financial support to the scattered members of the house of Israel, many of which are Targeted Individuals living in impoverished isolation. It must be acknowledged within Christian communities everywhere that without urgently needed assistance many of these people simply will not survive. 


Christians, the Israelite people are the 'root' of Jehovah's household.  They are, and always will be, his first-born son. Without the sacrifices of their 'few' you and I would today have no access to the hope that Christ came to bring to all of humanity.  Remember, as you reach out to these people that many are unaware of their bloodline heritage.  They may be neither practicing Jews nor Christians.  This is an important reason as to why you must equip yourselves with intimate scriptural understanding so that you can be successfully instrumental in guiding them back 'home'.  What better way to show you love Christ than to take care of his immediate family?


Secondly, it is necessary that Christians also do the study required to come to terms with the fact that it is the United States of America, not the nation of Israel, that is the New Jerusalem. I have written two texts linked in down below to help you come to process this reality. The way things stand now, if the United States is not constitutionally restored before this endgame period terminates 'the tired and the poor' will no longer have the hope of genuine refuge anywhere on this planet.  The entire globe is in danger of entering a permanent 'Dark Age' if we do not have the smarts to save what is left from the invading thugs that have calculated our good will as their best strategic advantage in the takeover of this nation.


Have you had the courage to ask yourselves just what happened to the authentic Christian refugees that were fleeing the threat of beheadings in Syria? Why is it that today we only hear about the large number of migrant predators that engulfed and possibly murdered the majority of them as they were struggling to find a place of safety?  Most importantly, why do myopic Americans continue to debate the closing of our borders as if it were a sane and legitimate discussion in this current state of emergency? Remember this, just about every biblical account, whether Old Testament or New Testament, demonstrated a judicious limitation of favor to the righteous and to the righteous only.  Christ's words on this issue were guilt-free and uncompromising:


Give not that which is holy unto the dogs,

neither cast ye your pearls before swine,

lest they trample them under their feet,

and turn again and rend you.

Matthew 7:6




Please note: The identification of Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews does NOT have to do with bloodline. It identifies ONLY the region with which one has come to be associated.  Because the Khazarians originally came from the Caucus mountain region, they are predominantly 'Ashkenazi'. However, one must remember that covenanted Jews were scattered around the globe.  Therefore, a minority of Ashkenazi Jews are Israelites.  These are those that were historically confined to the ghettos in Russia and the Baltic states.  Similarly, not all Sephardic communities living in Spain and Portugal were Israelites since many of these regions were penetrated by opportuntistic Khazarian predators many centuries ago.  Therefore, a minority of Sephardic Jews are Khazarian.  


Furthermore, while it is probably true that the Edomic Talmudists were successful in compelling the Khazarian aristocracy to 'get in on' their plan for world domination, one must remember that the Khazarian population on all its levels was converted to Judaism. Therefore, it is highly likely that not ALL of these converts were colluders. Even if one were to assume that all of them were colluders during that period in history it is highly doubtful that ALL of their descendants would be colluders at this point. Hence, even among the Khazarian Jews of today who are not Israelites one must assume that there are sincere and kind-hearted believers. Are you really willing to cast the first stone against them? I'M NOT! Remember, Christ died for ALL righteous men!



plural Se·phar·dim \-ˈfär-dəm\


  • a member of the occidental branch of European Jews settling in Spain and Portugal and later in the Balkans, the Levant, England, the Netherlands, and the Americas; also : one of their descendants





  • a Jew of central or eastern European descent. More than 80 percent of Jews today are Ashkenazim; they preserve Palestinian rather than Babylonian Jewish traditions, and some still use Yiddish.

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