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It's time you knew what's really going on.


Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:

 be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16





It is critical that you never underestimate your enemy.   At the same time, do not overestimate their abilities.  Yes, it is true that the angelic Watchers have the capacity to monitor our thoughts.  However, their minions on the ground must rely on conventional technology.  This means there is a great deal you can do to outwit & frustrate their maniacal efforts.  Through trial & error & careful observation it is your responsibility to learn the limitations of their technological arsenal, intellectual capabilities as well as their game rights & violations.


1.  Do a regular ‘HARD RESET’ on your phone.  This involves going into the ‘Settings’ option & searching for the reset prompt.  A proper reset will wipe out all the information that you may have stored on the device, so be prepared.  Make sure to check your messages BEFORE doing the reset. After it is completed, REMOVE THE BATTERY.  Only place the battery back into the phone when you want to check for new messages or to make a call. 


Since the people hacking into your phone must use a Bluetooth device with limited range, I recommend traveling a distance from your home before doing the reset process.  After the reset, if the battery remains out of the phone, you will be GPS free, your messages will be protected & you will be able to safely use your phone to receive one-time verification codes to enter email accounts.


(Please note:  If after doing this reset you still have difficulty receiving email verifications codes, this is because someone is using a Bluetooth device within your range to re-create the block.  If you are at a library, look for someone using a Macbook, iPad or iPhone.  Sometimes you will find your hacker sitting in their car outside of the building.  It may be necessary for you to use libraries that are considerable distances from your home to ensure privacy.  It is also best to change locations often.  Once you lose your stalker remember to reset the phone.)


2.  Disconnect the GPS system from your cars, computers & iPhones & learn to use paper maps instead.


3.  Only use Mac computers.  If you own Windows right now, consider trading it in for a used Macbook.  Why?  There is a software feature on Mac computers called Time Machine.  This feature allows you to reset the date on your computer back to the settings that existed while your computer was still hacker-free.  Most importantly, with a Mac you will always have the ability to walk into any Mac store to have your computer completely wiped clean.  (This is similar to doing the hard reset on your phone.)  Just be sure to save your work on flash or hard drives that you will have to carry with you at all times.  (Most libraries sell small flash drives for about $7.)


With the Time Machine feature activated, if a hacker were to make it into your computer, the restoration process is relatively simple.  All you have to do is maintain the computer turned off & the BATTERY REMOVED until you are in a safe location.  Then plug in your hard drive & revert the Time Machine to the earlier date setting.  Please do not make the mistake of trying to use your computer at home where you already know you are closely Bluetooth monitored. 


4.  Do not share WIFI with anyone in or near your house.


5.  If you see any extraneous split-second pop-ups on your computer screen while on the internet, know that this means your hacker has entered.  SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.  If you have a Mac, reset the Time Machine once you are in a safe location, meaning out of their Bluetooth range.  Basic rules of vigilance require that while on the internet you not turn your attention away from the monitor & that you do not have more than one internet page open at a time.


6.  Set up your email accounts to have a 2-step verification entry process.  Gmail is a good choice.


7.  Place your TV sets on the curb.  TIVO allows you to be directly observed & electronically monitored so as to determine your psychological responses to image & auditory stimuli.  The collection of data retrieved IS used against you.   Television is the primary instrument through which disinformation & destructive subliminal messaging are transmitted. This medium has been expertly contrived to inflict the most powerful brand of mass addiction & compliance, an insidious form of slavery by consent.


As an alternative, I recommend borrowing DVDs from your local libraries to watch instead.  This will give you considerably more control over the health standard of the films you view.  The first advantage you will probably discover is that you will be able to sleep much more restfully which is one of the first requirements for restoring physical & emotional stability.


8.  IDENTIFY YOUR STALKERS!  When I say this, I am​ NOT suggesting that you contact the police.  Most of you already tried that tactic to your great chagrin. This is a battle that has to be waged using an entirely different strategic perspective. It is crucial you understand that, while your enemies have been spying on you, setting you up & robbing you blind for years, the reality is that it is actually ‘illegal’ for them to be engaged in this type of aggressive behavior according to the game rules.  The problem is that if you do not have the courage to ‘out’ them to your angelic allies, your best defenders are without the evidence needed to advocate on your behalf in the heavenly courts.  Sounds loopy, doesn’t it?  All I can tell you is that if you do as I am instructing you here it will begin to make sense. 


As soon as you start staring into the faces of your stalkers you will notice that they run scared.  Why?  For the simple reason that once they are identified by you, they are also seen by the Elohim Watchers.  When your predators are exposed for their criminal activities they are immediately penalized & often permanently withdrawn from the game.  Not only will you not see most of them again but you have also successfully made the world a little safer for other Targets. (I implore you to please comport with maturity during the identification process.  It should be simple, fast & without confrontation.  Checking both the frontal visage & profile is usually best.)


9.  Accept no gifts.  This is an artificial world of strict karmic tallies, pluses & minuses, credits & debits, favor & wrath, an occult reality about which your adversaries have an intimate knowledge.  They want you to be indentured to them.  You then go down & they rise.  You become the tail, they the head.  And make no mistake about the fact that they are heartless USURERS!  As lambs among the wolves, we are lured into their ‘families’ to serve as their sacrificial scapegoats.  Their smiles, flatteries, seductive & unsolicited generosity are, sad to say, not gifts of authentic love in this context, but weapons of karmic warfare.


10.  Learn to think visually as opposed to verbally.  What I have learned experientially is the fact that my allies are capable of monitoring my more  subtle, pre-verbal cognitive thoughts.  However, for my protection they typically respond with warning alarms if & when I succumb to converting these thoughts into a full verbal mental dialog.  Evidently, our enemies do not utilize the same sensitive scanning technology as our protectors.  This provides us with a huge advantage if we cooperate with those instructing us.


Cognitive discipline is particularly essential when traveling.  For example, if upon leaving your protected home environment you make the mistake of mentally verbalizing your destination, you have just given your adversaries the advantage to ‘set the stage’ ahead of your arrival.  If, however, you master the ability to think on a pre-verbal, pictorial level you will be able to maneuver under the radar so to speak.  Granted, mastering the ability to think in this manner will take a while to master but I guarantee it is worth the effort.  It’s a matter of learning to ‘calm your mind’.


11.   Assume responsibility for the condition of your own health.  I have met too many Targets who live on junk food & coffee, eat & stay awake during the dark hours, sleep while the sun is still shining & then put full blame for the poor quality of their physical & emotional disorders squarely on the Target experience.  It is simply not honest!  Please be truthful with yourselves & change that which you CAN change.


12.  Periodically, walk around your homes & cars placing anointing olive oil on all entry ways & anything else you need to protect.  Do not forget your mailboxes!  (in the name of Yeshua of Nazareth & the Most High God, Yodhevahe)


13.  Use your Christ-given gift immediately-instant in prayer!  As soon as you realize the fact that you have ‘fallen short’ of the sinless perfection standard ask for forgiveness, pleading the covering of his grace.  This will intercept many adversarial accusations.  Do not hesitate in doing this quickly.  It is much harder to expunge a case once it is already in the courts. Then, sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you. 

(John 5:14)





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