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It's time you knew what's really going on.


What you are about to read is a letter I distributed to my friends in Spring of this year, 2013. 

It describes a vision I had in the fall of 2009 that I didn’t speak about for almost 4 years. 

What compelled me to finally disclose the vision last March was learning that the United Nations

was in the process of voting to institute a policy of global gun control. 

It is now September of 2013 & the United States remains the only nation that has yet to sign onto this particular

UN agenda, setting the stage for rumors of internal rebellion once legislation is finally implemented. 

I don’t know what will ultimately occur, much less when,

but I am convinced that withholding this information from you would be irresponsible. 



Hello Folks, 


This is a tough confession but it’s time for me to reveal something you need to know.  Back in late 2009 I had a vision that was so real I believed it was actually happening.  It was mid-evening & I was flipping through the radio stations.  Suddenly, on one of the NYC programs I heard the sounds of utter mayhem--screams, confusion, palpable fear.  The announcer, a man by the name of Daniel Estulin, said he was speaking from Kennedy Airport. He anxiously sputtered out that United States was in a fascist/Marshall law lock down. Only those fortunate enough to have some gold or precious stones to hand over were permitted to leave the country & then only with the clothes on their backs.  Estulin explained that the US had to be neutralized in order for global unification to complete.  He stated that the US, along with Canada & Mexico, was to be transformed into a giant agrarian slave state that would supply food to the rest of the world.  Estulin also claimed to have written several books on the Bilderbergs, a powerful Germanic family behind creation of this New World Order

(aka The Fourth Reich).  As I listened I scribbled as much of the info as I could gather. 

Naturally, I was in a state of shock & overwhelming despair.  For this reason I risk incurring your disbelief & ridicule—so that you can brace yourselves against that kind of emotional devastation.  The next day, when I walked out my door, things appeared calm but so sad.  I went to Barnes & Nobles to see what I could find out.  I learned that Daniel Estulin does indeed exist & that he has done extensive research on Bilderberg involvement in the globalist agenda.  At the time, this was all new to me.  Before the event of the night prior I had never heard of Estulin or the Bilderbergs or even the New World Order.  (The truth is that there are people who have made youtube videos on related topics who also experienced bizarre visions in either late 2009 or early 2010.  Can’t be coincidence.  Like me, these people have been compelled to get the word out concerning whatever information they are privy, but they avoid speaking about the visions that compelled them in the first place.  I only know this because I’ve spoken to a couple of them.) 

As for me, I’ve been living with this insight for 31/2 years, knowing enough about Biblical prophecy to understand that when the Tribulation hits it's going to be a super fast event--in an hour, just like the book says.  Two weeks ago the UN finalized its vote on global gun control. Youtube videos claim that vigilante militia groups are poised for action around the U.S.  Whether they actually launch into action or not is irrelevant.  Perception is everything.  Russian & Polish troops have been surreptitiously entering our country for the big event.  Marshal Law test runs have already begun in Paragould, Arkansas & East Flatbush in Brooklyn.  Please keep your priorities straight at all times. 


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