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It's time you knew what's really going on.

Bible=Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth


Last weekend I was walking through a craft fair at which a local church had several members sitting at an event table to promote an upcoming youth program. I gave them my website cards. As I was about to move on, one of the women asked me which organization I represented. My reply was that I was not aligned with any institutional church, that my focus was on inspiring people to sit at home & read the bible for themselves without the influence of corrupted institutional interpretations. Another of the women said she was quite well versed in biblical understanding, crediting much of that understanding to study classes at her church. I asked her if she understood that the book of Jeremiah was written for our time. Her reply was that she was quite familiar with Jeremiah & quoted the following verse:


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord,

thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah 29:11


While this scripture is indeed found in the book of Jeremiah, the fact that this woman unashamedly pulled it out of context only served to prove my point. Taken in isolation this scripture compels warm-fuzzy complacency in the face of Godly wrath. The reality is that almost all of the 52 books of Jeremiah together constitute a scathing indictment against humanity &, while that indictment was directed at the Judeans prior to the Babylonian invasion, it was also directed at the latter day generation. That’s us, folks. Through the words of His prophet, Jeremiah, God promised to call forth an acute judgmental attack by the fiercest enemy of his people. He further forewarned that those who survived that attack would be brought in chains to live in enemy territory. This was a warning fulfilled in the days of Jeremiah & it promises to be fulfilled yet again unless we heed it’s message.


At the time God spoke through Jeremiah He was particularly furious with the religious leadership because of their “lightness” & the fact that they preached “peace, peace when there was no peace”. Doesn’t this remind you of the churches today that focus on prosperity & restitution messages instead of repentance, that speak of replacement theology instead of right living? Few leaders with mortgages to pay are compelling their congregants to familiarize themselves with the hard-core prophetic messages of the Old Testament that were specifically intended for

THIS GENERATION. My best advice to you is to ask yourselves WHY they aren’t speaking the full contextual Truth. But, more importantly, you have to ask yourselves why YOU don’t seem to give a damn that you’re digesting gross distortions of a text that is readily available for you to read for yourselves. Come on, there are NO EXCUSES! Millions of people were horrifically tortured & murdered so that God’s Word would be at your disposal & you show absolutely no sense of responsibility or respect for the enormous advantage you’ve been given.


Please begin by watching the following video, A Lamp in the Dark. No Christian can afford not to know what is revealed in that film. This is especially true for the Catholic individual who has been trained to believe that the bible is too esoteric to be understood by laypersons & that the Catholic church has discouraged it’s study throughout the millennia for reasons of benevolent protection. It’s time you knew the Truth.  I also hope you will take the time to read The Great Controversy written by Ellen G. White in the 19th century.  Scroll down for purchase information.









The items listed below are relatively inexpensive, if used together, will help you to read through the Bible as quickly as possible & with the greatest comprehension. The first is a large print King James Bible. The next is the audio narrative by Alexander Scourby, a former Elizabethan actor who does a fantastic job. Using the visual with the audio is best way to ensure the highest retention of what is read. The third item listed, The Great Controversy, is a highly valuable book that will go far in helping you to understand the brutal struggle that has been waged against God's Truth since the time of Christ.


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KJV Large Print Compact Reference Bible

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Audio Bible on CD

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The Great Controversy 

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Contact: Michael


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