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It's time you knew what's really going on.

Letter To A Friend


The following is a letter of warning I wrote to an old friend a few months ago.  Since there’s so much to tell & so little time, I believe it’s expedient for you to simply read the letter I wrote to her rather than wait until I have the time to write something designed specifically for the website. 


Hello L-,


I’ve decided to make one last stab at trying to let you know what I’ve learned.  L-, I’m sure it’s no secret to you that humanity is on the verge of a super duper transformational shift.  As was predicted in the bible 2 thousand years ago, a non-exclusionary global faith is rapidly consolidating & is certain to propel mankind toward its future destiny.  I have no doubt that you understand at least this much.  However, I don’t believe you understand that this merging of faiths is purposefully designed to delude the majority of the world’s population into accepting the unacceptable.  Sadly, successful religious unification will require tapping into the finest of human emotions & ethical vision, ultimately transfiguring the glory of humanity’s good will into an ugly, unanticipated result.   I hope to help you understand the elitist how & why behind it all.  If I can shatter some of your most cherished beliefs, you may be inspired to launch your own quest for “Truth”.


I doubt that you are a practicing Moslem at this stage since you’ve shifted so far into New Ageism or rather “free spiritualism” as the most rigid of New Agers prefer to define themselves.   Believe me L-, I consider you to be one of the most “religious” people I know, right down to the Valley girl lingo. The very fact that you fail to recognize your own religious posture is quite telling.  I’m not saying this to hurt you, but to wake you up.  I’m still your friend more than you may realize.  Hopefully you’ll take the time to review what I’ve to put together here with serious consideration.  This is NOT an attempt to say I’m right & you’re wrong.  It’s an attempt to save your life as well as the lives of those you influence.


Please understand that while I indeed believe Yeshua is the true messiah, I DO NOT BELONG TO ANY CHURCH NOR DO I ADHERE TO ANY PARTICULAR CHURCH DOCTRINE.  I avoid the institutional churches because I’ve found that systematic corruption of the Christian faith has been successful on many levels & on a broad scale.  Moreover, even among the most sincere of Christians I do not often encounter mature scriptural understanding or practice.  I’m confessing my isolation to you in the hope that you will refrain from making the mistaken assumption that because of unavoidable exposure to Christian discourse in the media you’ve already become acquainted with the things I’m about to write to you here. The truth is I strongly doubt you’ve EVER been exposed to anything close to what I plan to present in this letter.


As you’ve probably already noted, I’ve included other emails as well as another attachment.  In order to maintain logical cohesion, I ask that you refer to them in the order I will request as you progress through this reading.  For the sake of clarity I’m beginning with a list of the topics to be discussed.  Frankly, I wish the list weren’t so long but each element leads to the next & all are critical to establish the final picture.   So here goes:


1.  Biblical Authenticity

2.  Inception of the Hidden Spiritual Conflict & Agenda

3.  The Conspiratorial Effort to Camouflage Biblical Truth Throughout History-Part 1

4.  The Conspiratorial Effort to Camouflage Biblical Truth Throughout History-Part 2

5.  The Holographic Universe Revisited

6.  Evidence of Media Desensitization Programs & Governmental Hybridization Policies

7.  The Summation


My immediate goal is to provide only the briefest review of each of the issues that I believe are necessary & sufficient to take you to a place of greater awareness.   My constant prayer is that you’ll be courageous enough to patiently & seriously weigh the various agendas & ramifications that are about to be exposed.  Get ready to swallow the red pill.

    1.  Biblical Authenticity


For the sake of brevity I won’t dance around this issue. What separates the bible from ANY other book on the planet is its prophetic precision. In this regard the bible is truly unrivaled. This has been a little understood fact even among the most ardent Christian populations. As you continue to read I will try to explain how & why a major part of prophetic understanding has been systematically subverted or withheld from the majority of believers & nonbelievers alike throughout millennia. As for myself, I certainly wasn’t convinced of the bible’s authenticity until just a few years ago. I’ve since discovered that there are a multitude of fascinating prophetic fulfillments that clearly demonstrate the extraordinary nature of biblical scripture. However, I’m going to confine the focus of this text to a single compelling illustration.


The Old Testament was completed approximately 400 years before the arrival of Christ. (Interestingly, theologians refer to this period as the 400 “lost” years.) In about 300 BC the scriptures were translated from Hebrew into Greek. This translated Greek version was known as the Septuagint. Without availability of this translated text, history could well have taken a very different course. Let me explain why.


Throughout the reign of the Roman Empire, which was established in about 27 BC, Greek was the language most commonly spoken across the nations. Moreover, for several generations each of these nations experienced varying degrees of Israelite cultural infiltration due to the Diaspora. The result was that the Septuagint text became popular reading among educated classes throughout the Empire PRIOR to the birth of Christ.


Widespread familiarity with the text would have had limited impact were it not for the fact that the scriptures revealed the first coming of the Messiah with great accuracy. Events that were foretold included the town of Christ’s birth, the town from which his ministry would emerge, the fact that he would be born of a virgin & so on. Among the list of revelations were 2 prophetic accounts that were particularly awe-inspiring. The first had to do with the mathematical formula revealed in the book of Daniel that accurately prognosticated the very year of Christ’s death. The second was David’s prophetic writing in Psalm 22 in which he poignantly detailed the crucifixion event. Amazingly, David foretold the crucifixion of the Messiah many hundreds of years before crucifixion was even devised as a means of corporal punishment.


Having had access to the Septuagint for almost 300 years, the reading population throughout the Roman Empire territory easily recognized the nature of Christ’s assassination as a prophecy fulfilled. This widespread insight largely accounted for the swift & stalwart acceptance of the Christian faith across these nations. Moreover, the Old Testament repeatedly foretold that the Messiah’s arrival would initiate passage for gentiles to enter the community of faith. Many of these people seized the opportunity early on & became grateful followers of the proven God of the Jews. Unfortunately, dramatic infiltration of former pagans into the Hebrew faith was not without consequences. However, that’s a topic to be addressed in another section.


At this point I want to direct your attention back to the crucifixion account given by David. Instead of belaboring the issue in this letter, I’m going to ask that you to refer to the videos I’ve sent. My hope is that you’ll view them with an open heart & an open mind. As you may have already noted, these videos are presented by a teaching organization of Messianic Jewish believers. Certainly you won’t be able to see how their message could possibly relate to you until & unless you give me a chance to explain.

The speaker of these videos is a Messianic Jewish Rabbi who openly discusses his own conversion process.  More specifically, he speaks about his spiritual awakening as having hinged on the realization that Psalm 22 did indeed foretell the Messiah’s crucifixion about 700 years prior to the actual event.  He also touches upon the fact that the original Hebrew text was quite obviously, & probably intentionally, mistranslated to hide this truth.  I implore you, L-, stop reading at this juncture & watch these videos.  If you don’t glean from each section all that I have painstakingly tried to consolidate for you, it will be impossible for you to grasp the full picture.  This is a potential for understanding that you really don’t want to miss.  Then, when you’re finished listening to both videos 1 & 2, please return to the second topic in this letter.  I promise you’ll find the next section utterly fascinating.




          2.  Inception of the Hidden Spiritual Conflict & Agenda           


 What I am about to present to you now will probably be the most emotionally & spiritually challenging perspective on the human experience you’ve yet to encounter.  I urge you to carefully read & examine everything I present regardless of the potential threat to your current world vision.  What I’m asking of you is perhaps emotionally exhausting, but that’s a necessary price when you actually care about “Truth”.  In the end we’ve got to believe it’s worth the exchange.


I’ll begin with a short passage from the book of Genesis.  If you want to see the full text & don’t have a bible you can search for it on google:


And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,  That the sons of God (Angels) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose….There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.  And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him in his heart.  And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth….But Noah found grace in the sight of the Lord….Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations.

Genesis 6:1-9


Although NEVER mentioned in the churches, the bible clearly states that the sons of God (Angels) mated with human women to produce giant offspring.  This passage goes on to say that God saw the evil produced by this unholy union & that he sent a flood upon the earth to eradicate further propagation. A criterion for God choosing to save Noah was that Noah be “perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:9).  In other words, Noah’s DNA had to be undefiled.  For all this, the bible clearly states that the aberrant mating practice continued even after the flood.  (Refer back to Genesis 6:4 where it states “there were giants in those days & also after that”, meaning after the flood.)  The supra biblical book of Enoch even discusses angelic manipulation of bestial DNA.  Most gruesome of all was genetic integration of human DNA with the bestial.  In truth, the satyr of Greek mythology was probably not mythological at all.  The reality is that God, who made mankind in HIS image, has been at war for thousands of years striving to preserve the human genome from experimental depravity and ultimate extinction.


I sent you an attachment entitled “the Hidden Agenda” & I would like for you to refer to it at the end of this segment.  It’s simply a list of relevant scriptures to help you with the biblical decoding process.  You will also see that


 If the videos don’t appear immediately, please click on the figure of the man

& they will initiate.

mid-way through I ask you to explore the book of Enoch.  You can either search google for a free PDF or go to youtube to listen to an audio version of it or both. Hopefully you’ll have the time to listen to the entire book, but if not please listen to the first chapter at the very least. 


I need to make a quick side note at this point.  The book of Enoch is an apocryphal work, meaning it is not part of standard biblical text.  While I clearly regard this work to be of great importance, this is not meant to suggest that I regard all apocryphal works equally valid.  Most apocryphal writings were dated 200-300 years after the death of Christ & could not possibly have been written by his apostles.  Some defenders respond with the conjecture that these later works were copies of earlier texts that have yet to be discovered.  Unfortunately, this argument does nothing to address the fact that most of the available writings are historically inaccurate & often contradict the heart of biblical teaching.  Indeed there’s significant probability that at least several of them were concocted by early gnostics in an effort to undermine Christian purity.  I’ve read most of the apocryphal writings & while some are genuinely beautiful, they simply do not aspire to the rigor & quality of standard found in biblical scripture. 


The book of Enoch, on the other hand, was given specific mention in the New Testament book of Jude, qualifying it as far more credible & necessary to be understood than most other apocryphal works.  From my own experience I can tell you that Enoch successfully deciphered parts of the bible that I had grappled with for years.  Moreover,

the book of Enoch belied its authoritative insight with the scriptural declaration that it would not be fully comprehended until humanity had reached its final generation.  It should be obvious that if I’m asking you to read Enoch now it’s not simply because I believe in the veracity of the text, but also because I’m convinced mankind has indeed reached its final generation.  So what has led me to this conclusion?  Aside from having witnessed a series of relevant natural & supernatural events firsthand, I’m convinced because Israel today is a nation restored & because the decoding of the human genome has been completed.  The human species is on the threshold of total genetic hybridization, which is another way of saying annihilation.  Have you had time to watch a cartoon lately?  Have you noticed that undefiled human entities are in the minority even in cartoon land?  Certainly there has never been such an urgent need to become seriously acquainted with the book of Enoch.


I suggest at this point you move on to reading The Hidden Agenda.  You will find a couple of youtube videos recommended at the end of that paper as well.  Again, I promise that if you invest the time to follow these directives you will consider it worth your while.  Don’t underestimate the value of what you can learn.  When you’ve finished, it’s on to part three.



        3.    Conspiratorial Effort to Camouflage Biblical Authenticity Throughout History-Part 1


I’m well aware that although you may be intrigued by what you’ve read & heard thus far, you probably retain many unanswered questions.  The truth is that I can’t promise to answer even most of them in the short time I have left to get this letter to you.  As I explained earlier, I’m limiting myself to presenting only cursory overviews of those issues & signposts most necessary for you to continue your own search for Truth.  However, I promise to conclude this letter with a final list of research avenues that will greatly facilitate you in pursuing that end.


What should be minimally obvious at this point is that there exists an ancient conflict among members of unseen (as well as disguised) entities, a hostility that probably began long before human beings came on the scene.  I believe our species is of value only to the Primary Creator, the God of the 3rd heaven.  The other 'gods', meaning

the fallen angels that have been confined to the 2nd heaven, what we call the “Universe”, have a more nefarious vision of human function.  For them, quality of human life is expendable to their needs. 


Before proceeding to the “who, what, when & how” behind the centuries old subversion of biblical awareness, I must start by answering the “why”.  What was the exact nature of biblical threat? There is no better way to approach this than by quoting the very words Christ spoke while he walked the earth:



John 14:6


All that ever came before me are thieves & robbers….the thief cometh not, but for to steal, & to

kill, & to destroy:  I am come that they might have life, & that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:8,10



John 10:11


Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a SWORD.

(“SWORD” means “TRUTH” in metaphorical interpretation.)

Matthew 10:34


L-, these words were not those of a mere prophet.  The book of John plainly identified Christ:


In the beginning was the Word, & the Word was with God & the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM; & WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANY THING MADE THAT WAS MADE.  IN HIM WAS LIFE; & THE LIFE WAS THE LIGHT OF MEN…..HE WAS IN THE WORLD, & THE WORLD WAS MADE BY HIM, & THE WORLD KNEW HIM NOT.

John 1:1-4,10


Anyone daring to claim that Christ was nothing beyond a prophet either never read the bible or is a flat out LIAR.  CHRIST WAS THE SON OF GOD IN THE FLESH.  Incredibly, he came to earth KNOWING that he had to be sacrificed in order to save the creation he loved.  By this act our Creator has shown himself to be of the highest caliber in both heart & strength of character.  If what I’m telling you is Truth how sad if you can’t recognize it because, L-, no one else will ever love us as much. 


Granted, it’s apparent there is some type of sophisticated game theory at work in all of this.  Clearly there are strict rules of engagement that are painstakingly observed, even by the Creator himself.  Yet, I do not believe the Creator is simply playing a game.  There’s too much evidence that he is wholly dedicated to an utterly solemn struggle to save life.  What’s at stake is the very soul of humankind, our very identity.  When Christ consented to live & suffer the human experience to deliver his life-saving instruction manual to humanity, he belied a heart of the deepest compassion.  But certainly it was his foreknowledge & resolute acceptance of sacrificial death by crucifixion that unequivocally reveals his amazing love for the human race.


As fantastic as it sounds, we are the unwitting pawns in an invisible, extra-dimensional conflict.  Humanity has reached its peak of maturity & the harvest is about to begin.  Who will harvest whom? Yet through it all we have a fierce & wonderful ally willing take us under his wing to protect us from making the gravest mistakes.  It’s unfortunate that few recognize him for who he truly is.  Free will, humanity’s most prized spiritual right, has often proved to serve us as well as a box of matches in the hands of a small child.  Still, God refuses to violate its holy principle & waits patiently for us to freely & finally seek him.  The passionate agendas of the warriors participating

in the great battle are mostly outside of our perceptual scope & are therefore disturbingly beyond our capacity to ever fully comprehend.  On the other hand, the battleground is clearly within our very own hearts & minds.  Everything of genuine value hinges upon our capacity to correctly discern authenticity over the counterfeit, Truth over Lie, light over darkness, reality over delusion, substantive compassion over feigned declarations of love.


The distinctive message of Christ was that he came to reveal the Truth.  Admittedly, other faiths have made that claim.  How is it I’ve discovered that his is “the Way”?  It’s because of my most earnest & constant prayer—that I be led to only Truth, that I hear only Truth & only from lovers of Truth, that all those of lying intent be revealed & that God’s Wisdom be granted me.  In all honesty I began a form of this prayer as a young child.  Maybe from when I was 9 I can remember routinely looking through my bedroom window at the night sky, not able to sleep & praying passionately that I wanted to know “everything”.  The problem was that I always worded it this way: “I don’t care what you have to do to me, just let me know everything.”  As you are well aware, L--, that prayer opened me up to a very difficult & bizarre life history, one that I came close to not surviving.  Now I have the smarts to ask for the Truth that comes only from my Creator & only to be administered with a gentile hand & given with lots of protection & only in palatable doses….(You get the idea.)  Thankfully, as Christ promised, the Holy Spirit has come to light my way.


Christ spoke correctly when he claimed that we were surrounded by liars & deluded by lies.  Their expertise in manipulating the human psyche is clearly demonstrated today in the carefully orchestrated merging of the various global faiths into a single “spiritual” union that promises universal love, peace, good will & harmony.  However, what they can never promise is Truth, because contrived secular spirituality could not possibly withstand the mass infiltration & scrutiny of genuine Truth seekers.


Christ stated his mission on earth succinctly: 


Think not that I am come to send peace on the earth:  I am not come to send peace but a SWORD.

Matthew 10:34


As stated earlier, “SWORD” in the metaphorical sense means “TRUTH” & that truth was carefully documented in the New Testament scriptures.  Furthermore, Christ plainly declared that his Truth was NOT of the sort that would unite the world in peace. His Truth was always intended to be inflammatory. Not only did it expose the very mysteries that had kept humanity in unwitting spiritual bondage for millennia, it also gloriously detailed the road map out of that slavery.  Moreover, Christ’s sacrificial death procured for humanity that which his enemies had forfeited long ago—the forgiveness of God.  Yehushua, son of the Most High, was well aware that the impending backlash from mankind’s clandestine saboteurs was destined to be fierce.  From their perspective any viable attempt to delude humanity into willingly embrace passive annihilation would necessitate the launching of a series of relentless & compelling attacks on the scriptures of Truth that Christ left behind.   Let’s move on to discussing the particulars of these attacks.


           4.  The Conspiratorial Effort to Camouflage Biblical Truth Throughout History-Part 2


Much like we see in capitalist societies today, the engine of the Roman economic system was heavily dependent upon its pagan religious culture.  Within the territories of modern day Greece & Turkey, trade of hand carved idols provided a stable source of income for artisans throughout most of the year.  However it was the lavish celebratory worship dates honoring their various gods & goddesses that provided maximum economic stimulus especially in major towns & cities.  Do you remember how hard you & I had to hustle from the end of August to the first week in December?  What would the American economy be without Christmas gift-giving?  Make no mistake, it is no coincidence that our own economic system parallels the Roman system under paganism.  Let me explain.


Originally, apostolic Christian ministry was entrusted to the Jews largely because of the Jewish divine commission to preserve the oracles of God.  It was the Jews whose ancestors knew the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob most intimately & who themselves were well studied in the Old Testament scriptures.  Most important to understand is that God’s written Law, also known as Mosaic Law, was meant to remain foundational to Christian teaching.  Christ himself was clear on this issue:


Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, & shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do & teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:17,19


For enemies of the faith, corruption of Mosaic Law was therefore a prime focus of attack, creating theological distortions & divisions that have blinded generations to biblical veracity throughout the post-Christ period.   For the sake of brevity, I’m limiting this discussion to describing the adulteration of two specific commandments that resulted in great problems for genuine seekers of Truth for almost two thousand years:


(the second of the Ten Commandments)

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image….

Exodus 20:4


(the fourth of the Ten Commandments)

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work…. the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

Exodus 20:8-11

As mentioned earlier, after Christ’s death his gospel was rapidly embraced across the pagan nations.  The problem was that pagan cultures honored a multiplicity of deities (or fallen angels), many of which were thought to be of a capricious & cruel nature, requiring a steady stream of indulgences & “placations”.   Convincing these fear-ridden people that undivided loyalty & faith in the One True God would offer absolute protection against any other source of spiritual retribution proved extremely difficult.  Meanwhile, the Roman power base had a burgeoning economy to protect, an economy that was propelled by the pagan belief system.  Christian infiltration into that system was developing into an economic & political hardship.  Yet for all these difficulties, because biblical prophetic fulfillment was recognized throughout the territory, it was clear that the Christian movement could not be constrained. 


In reality paganism & early Christianity were wholly antithetical to one another.  One was monotheistic, the other polytheistic.  One forbade image worship, the other was grounded in the practice.  One adhered to a strict code of sexual comportment, the other engaged in polygamous sexual perversions during routine temple devotionals.  Christian Jews observed one set of Sabbaths & feast dates, pagans another. The two groups even used different astronomical calendars. 


From the perspective of the secular Roman elite, fusing the two faiths together appeared to be the only efficacious economic & political solution.  This tactic is an ancient one--change the substance of God’s message but not the label.  Sadly, whenever yearning, vulnerable hearts are openly searching for divine purpose, wolves readily seize the easy power advantage.  Without taking the time to research historical particulars, I will give a quick overview of the most egregious successes of this movement to consolidate the two faiths.  In total, the “re-education” process took about 500 years to complete.



Of course it’s doubtful that the Roman leadership actually understood they were implementing the agenda of an angelic force.  I’m convinced that many of our most brilliant ideas are NOT self-generated, that they are often tools of manipulation that appear to be benevolently granted us by the so-called spirit world, coming to us in dreams, ah-ha moments, special insights & so on.  The more compliant & ego-centric the individual receiving these messages, the more spiritually “connected” or clever he/she may believe himself to be.  Most sincere seekers freely admit to having lived through such a phase. 


Shortly after the death of John in 110 AD, the last of Christ’s apostolic inner circle, gentile clergymen in Rome pronounced that they, not Jews, were God’s newly ordained keepers of scripture & divine law.  After establishing the office of the papacy, Catholicism went on to proclaim that the pope alone was providentially granted absolute authority to represent God’s will on earth.  With full governmental support, a series of subtile & corruptive changes were implemented gradually over a period of several generations.


One of the primary objectives was to preserve idolatry in order to sustain the empire's economic prosperity.  To accomplish this, the second commandment condemning the engraving of religious icons was withdrawn from the 10 commandments of the Catholic bible.  The last commandment was then split into 2 parts.  Hence, the “Decalogue” was craftily preserved.  This move permitted the same artisans who once carved the many gods & goddesses of pagan temples to now work for the Catholic Church making images of Christ & an army of saints.  They also threw a headdress on Ashteroth & called her Mary, mother of God.  The reason “Mother of God” became Mary’s heretical title was because of her icon’s similarity to the pagan super goddess, Ashtoreth.  In pagan worship Ashtoreth (aka Ishtar), the incestuous wife & mother of Nimrod, was indeed known as the “mother of god” as well as the "queen of heaven".  She was also the reason live babies were sacrificed by fire on the statue of Molech in the Old Testament.  Scamming innocent followers of Christ into praying to the “Mother of God” icon in the Catholic Church has been a cruel satanic joke on the believing community for almost two thousand years.  Let’s move on to discussing the change in Sabbath keeping.


The book of Genesis states that God rested from forming his creation on the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week.  Yet, as you are well aware Christians honor Sunday, the first day of the week, as their holy day of rest.  Although it seems like an innocuous switch, it really isn’t.  Sunday, as the name suggests, was the day pagan believers traditionally honored Sol Invictus, their sun god. December 25th happened to be HIS lavishly celebrated birth date, not Christ’s.  There’s more.  Easter was the supposed day Ishtar (aka Ashteroth) revived from her death.  It is certainly not the resurrection day of Christ who rose early on the 5th day of Passover.  Not one of the celebratory days & dates honored today by the Christian community has any relationship to the Sabbaths & feast days written in Mosaic Law.  The reality is that contemporary Christianity is essentially a form of pagan god worship right down to the big holiday shopping experience.


Another area of distortion relates to time keeping.  Earlier I mentioned that pagan Rome used a non-biblical astronomical calendar. During the life of Christ this was the Julian calendar, to be succeeded in 1582 by the Gregorian.  Neither of these time keeping systems corresponded to Hebrew calendar of the bible.  This is crucial to remember because we continue to use the Gregorian calendar today.  This fact, taken in combination with the many events of biblical corruption, has conspired to confuse, divide & conquer the hearts & minds of believing masses over time. 


As you can imagine, many thousands of faithful believers had to be tortured & slaughtered so that Roman heresies could be implemented.  Emperor Constantine, whom Catholicism reveres today as a hero of the Church, beheaded multitudes of Sabbath-keeping Messianic Jews along with Christian puritans. The Church furthered its rampage by translating the bible from the original Hebrew & Greek texts into Latin so as to ensure its obscurity & then by proclaiming it a heresy for any member of the lay public to even have access to the scriptures.  It gets worse. 

In the late 10th century German barbarians conquered Rome & established their own governmental system known as the Holy Roman Empire (aka The First Reich).  The Germanic state forged a tight alliance with the pope, solidifying the absolute religious authority of Roman Catholicism.  Europe entered a period known as the Dark Ages during which the Church instituted a heightened program of terror & mass executions known as The Inquisition, the goal being to purge the territory of all “heretics”.  Literally hundreds of thousands of believers were crucified & burned to death.  Humanity was plunged into the depths of misery. 


Beginning in the 15th century, a series of courageous Catholic monks across Europe began to challenge church doctrine & even translated the Latin Vulgate into the common languages of the countries in which they lived.  Because the scriptures had to be handwritten, only small sections could be distributed at any one time.  Sadly, many of these brave men were either imprisoned or burned at the stake.  However the masses, thirsty for the truth of spiritual salvation, continued to press the cause until the dominant grasp of the Catholic Church was vastly diminished.  This historical period, known as the Protestant Reformation, largely accounts for the fact that America has always had a strong Christian base since many endangered Europeans seeking religious safety migrated to the New World.  Unfortunately, the break with Catholic roots was never sufficiently complete.  For the most part, Protestant churches have always condemned image making & a few honor the Sabbath on the 7th day of the week.  Yet none have abandoned pagan celebrations in favor of the Hebraic feast dates.  Certainly, this lack of unity & biblical rigor has had its cost. 


One of the most obvious results of unresolved confusion is that prophetic scriptural accuracy has gone unrecognized for generations.  Perhaps even more damaging is when sincere, but poorly educated, church leaders have tried to base prophetic interpretation upon our current Gregorian calendar, thereby guiding congregants down the path of false expectation & despair. (By the way, I NEVER believed Harold Camping’s rapture prediction in 2011 was anything more than another misleading satanic ploy to make the entire believing public look like a bunch of fools.  Frankly, any true believer who trusted that prediction failed to do basic biblical homework.)  The reality is that, when the scriptural lunar-solar calendar is employed CORRECTLY, the prophetic word turns out to be dead accurate. 


Pagan infusion into Christian culture has also had a profound effect on the Jewish population. They simply have not been able to reconcile Christ as their Messiah largely because they don’t recognize their Hebraic roots in Church expression.  The Jews understand that without obedience to Mosaic Law Israel would not be a nation today.  There is no other population on the planet that has retained both its national & spiritual identity for almost two thousand years.  Sabbath keeping is credited as the most significant factor behind this unusual phenomenon.  In fact, there is an expression that goes:  The Jews did not keep the Sabbath, the Sabbath kept the Jews. 

God’s smart.


At the same time, most churches preserve & protect their corrupted doctrines & traditions by claiming God himself ordained a “Replacement Theology”.  This is the false belief that God established a new covenant with the gentiles that was intended to supersede the old Mosaic covenant. Unfortunately, replacement theology is generally supported by a misinterpretation of Pauline scripture.  Christ left little room for confusion when he stated: “One shepherd, one flock”.  


If Replacement Theology were correct there would have to exist a single, unified & biblically sound gospel interpretation throughout all the churches to clearly represent the new doctrine.  That cannot happen as long as the churches continue to compromise with varying degrees of pagan infiltration.  In contrast, catholocism which boasts that it is perfectly unified, is unified under the 'wrong' doctrine.



          5.  The Holographic Universe Revisited


I first learned about the holographic universe about 23 years ago when I read Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber.  Then, like now, it was the New Age community that was popularizing the phenomenon. Plato’s cave allegory has been called upon throughout to parallel our passage into the shocking revelation that particle matter is actually our metaphoric shadow world, while an interactive virtual holography happens to be our reality.  The empiricists who continue to insist that they need to see, touch, taste & smell their way to reality have come to be regarded as the mere cave dwellers.  According to New Agers the sun people are those who have discovered that the power to affect the world around them is in the quality of their anticipation.  If one expects positive things, one can “create” a positive environment.  If one expects negative, negative is what will manifest.  This understanding has initiated a global culture of power-seekers, engaged in the various forms of mind control, attempting to find the god within & using emotional discipline to “make a better world.”  The logic generally goes this way:  If our observation alters the “there” that’s not really “there”, then WE create the “there”.  Right?  WRONG!  WAKE UP! IT’S A FEEDBACK SYSTEM!  IT IS NOT OUR CREATION!


Yes, I grant you, when we react to this world it’s absolutely true that we affect it.  And yes, I grant you, positive does indeed elicit positive much of the time & negative elicits negative much of the time.  More important is that we’re basically happier when we can see the good in the world around us so it’s generally a good idea to exercise a positive outlook.  However, simply because the hologram often appears to be responding to our emotional & intellectual expectations is no reason to believe that we designed this fantastic holographic technology.  We need to ask ourselves just who it was that set up & controls this feedback loop & why? 

Dodging the question can be dangerous.


While I applaud the heightened sense of personal responsibility that the secular non-faith faiths seem to be encouraging, it’s unfortunate that it comes at the expense of a mature grasp on reality. Given the vulnerability of the human condition, any promise of empowerment is indeed appealing & our anonimical emotional architects are well aware of this fact.  The practice of the non-faith faith requires the participant to project healthy, heart-felt intentions or desires out to either the Universe or the god of the Universe.  When executed with pure, positive desire it’s expected that a series of synchronistic blessings will trigger so as to guide the individual towards ultimate fulfillment of his/her genuine mission on earth.


If words matter, & I know that you believe they do, let’s consider what it means to send your good intentions out to the “Universe”.  First of all, don’t you think it’s at all strange that you are asked to place your faith in merely another aspect of the hologram, especially in an aspect about which you know very little?  In doing so you have placed your trust in the creation rather than its Creator.  The apostle Paul described this misguided practice perfectly in his letter to the Roman Christians:


For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:  Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Romans 1:20-21

(Interestingly, Paul made pointed reference to our holographic environment when he stated: 

“the invisible things….of the world are clearly seen”.) 


What these scriptures explain is that the existence of God is clearly evidenced by his creation & that, therefore, denying the Creator is simply not logically possible.  Hence, glorifying any part of the creation above the Creator is cause for condemnation.


Worse still is to ignorantly worship the god of the Universe.  Again, the universe is merely part of the hologram & the gods of the universe are the fallen angels who are imprisoned here the same way as you & I.  Unfortunately, the satanic have a reputation for strict legalism, meaning that if you give you give them your allegiance, even if unwittingly, they accept it as contractual.  When Paul wrote the following he was specifically addressing idol worshippers.  However, the message is wholly applicable to those who call upon the gods of the universe as well:


Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools….Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator….  

Romans 1:22,25

            6.  Evidence of Media Desensitization Programs & Governmental Hybridization Policies


Since nothing I write could possibly compete with your own critical assessment of media desentization evidence, I’m simply going to provide a list of research avenues for you to investigate in this segment.  When you’re finished, please move on to the last segment at the end of which I’ll provide yet another list of investigative resources.


The Matrix



The Game




any contemporary cartoon



         7.  The Summation


In the first letter I sent to you several months ago entitled “The Story” I explained what happened to me when I attempted to blow the whistle on Codex Alimentarius.  In case you’ve forgotten, Codex is a necessary part of the United Nations’ agenda to depopulate the globe down to 500,000 human beings.  While wealthy & powerful people in the know are being promised perfect health, longevity, beauty & intergalactic travel & trade, they are required to participate in the mass extermination of billions of in exchange.  Angelic master builders have intentionally allied themselves with the most depraved, egocentric sociopaths the human species has to offer.  These entities have NOT come to enlighten our path to a higher plane of existence.  They are here to conquer & enslave.  Also keep in mind that, while they may be capable of modifying the human genome, they cannot breath life into it.  We each have a choice to make-whether to honor the Creator or to honor the Destroyer. 


Christ said the following: 


Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul & body in hell.

Matthew 10:28


I believe that’s EXCELLENT advice.


I’ve been reminded of a Twilight Zone episode I watched as a child.  I understand now that it too can be counted as yet another piece of the desensitization material we’ve been fed in preparation for this time in history.  Anyway, in this episode giant aliens land en mass around the globe.  One of their representatives arrives at the UN promising that he & his people have only the purest of intentions to help mankind.  He states that they come from a world of ultimate peace & joy & that, because of their benevolent nature, they have already bestowed their ancient wisdom on other willing civilizations throughout the galaxies.  Now they’ve arrived on earth to extend the same offer.  Before leaving the conference room, the entity leaves behind a book written in his language.


The book is taken to American military headquarters for decoding.  After some time the title is deciphered as “To Serve Man”.  Humankind is thoroughly elated & the military disarms.  Wonderful secrets are revealed to the earth, including how to end world hunger.  Shortly thereafter these alien entities invite human beings to vacation on their planet.  At this point in the story the text of the alien book has yet to be decoded but most everyone feels so safe & cared for that they accept the travel invitation, choosing not to complete the investigation.  The story’s main protagonist had been one of the military decoders who worked on deciphering  the book's title.  Now unemployed, he decides to embark on the interplanetary adventure.  As he’s about to board a vacation craft a former colleague rushes towards the boarding plank & yells at him to not get on the ship, screaming in a panicked voice,  “The book, ‘To Serve Man’, It’s a cookbook!!!”

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