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It's time you knew what's really going on.

Throughout all the emotional turmoil that’s bound to affect you in the near future, the key to stability is actually quite simple. Focus on Christ. The bible contains a vignette revealing the precise requirement to overcome ANY & ALL confusion as to how to proceed through difficult times. Refer to Matt 14:22-31 which describes Peter walking on water with Yahweh. To his amazement Peter succeeds in taking several steps on the surface of the water, but when he succumbs to shifting his attention off Christ & towards the boisterous winds he begins to sink. What does this mean exactly? In Ephesians 4:14, Paul more precisely clarifies the metaphorical meaning of “wind” when he states, “That we henceforth be no more children tossed to & fro, & carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, & cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” If in fact God has unseen enemies, & I believe he does, you can bet that false doctrines compete for our hearts & minds on a consistent basis. This is especially true in our age of high-speed information (or more accurately, “disinformation”). What is most disturbing is that many of these false doctrines have been popularized by the very churches & shepherds we were hoping would guide us into the promised land. That’s why it’s so critical for each of us to have an intimate, working knowledge of the scriptures—both Old & New Testaments. Christ is the LIVING word of God. It’s HIS codex. I’ve repeatedly suggested that each of you invest the time to read the bible cover to cover in order to understand our shared prophetic context & purpose. However, in order for you as individuals to know how to live & overcome adversity, I beg that you STICK TO THE LETTERS IN RED. That is, memorize the very words of Christ as they are written in the 4 gospels of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, praying always that God’s Spirit direct you to ALL TRUTH in the matters that are difficult to understand.

Scenario: You’re confined in a room with various gods, each claiming to be your creator & offering to unlock the secrets of the universe. Each promises the path of good fortune, health, doctrine of conscience, mission & purpose. Until you can discern who is speaking the TRUTH I beg you to keep one thing in mind at all times--that it’s absolutely imperative you make no mistake. Why? There is only ONE Creator knocking at your door & He’s the only ONE you can count on to actually CARE about what happens to His creation. This is no time to be whimsical & broad-minded. You have REAL & PRESENT enemies. Remember, the lie is always purposeful.

Remember also that your incredulity will not protect you. 


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