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It's time you knew what's really going on.

The discussion of Intelligent Design is one of the topic areas best relegated to those individuals who have sufficient training in the sciences so as to successfully argue its position.  For this reason, I am directing you to videos that you can access through the hyperlinks I provided below.  I will first, however, take the liberty of pointing out several curiosities I hope you will consider very seriously:


The bible does not claim anything about our universe that current scientific understanding would reject. For example, the bible never suggested that our earth was flat. Moreover, the bible upholds several phenomena that today’s scientific community overwhelmingly endorses.


They are as follows:

1.  The singularity beginning of the universe.

2.  The fact that the universe is in a state of expansion.

3.  The apparent entropic nature of our world & all living things.

4.  The fact that there exist multiple dimensions outside of those we knowingly experience.


My hope is that the following hyperlinked videos will be of great value in assisting you to arrive at a more educated perspective on this topic than one commonly hears today.  I certainly do not believe anyone should be finalizing an opinion from a position of ignorance.  


Several of these links will take you to debates with some of the world’s top atheists.  You will observe the fact that their tactics often involve some heavy-handed form of psychological intimidation.  Clearly there is BIG money supporting their agenda.  It’s time you asked yourselves WHY this is true.  Certainly these promoters of a Godless world would have impressionable youth believe that contemporary scientific understanding has DISPROVED the existence of God.  Yet the reality is that some of the brightest minds have concluded the exact opposite to be the case.  I must admonish you, watching these debates is only your first step on the road to understanding.  Without taking the time to actually read the bible for yourselves places you outside of any rightful position to finalize your stance on either side of the argument.  


(I begin the hyperlinks with Intelligent Design apologists presenting their insights & follow with Atheist-Design debates.  Lastly, I hope you will invest the time to watch a forum of atheists discussing strategy.  It's very revealing.)



This last video is an atheist roundtable at which strategy is discussed.

If you don’t have time to watch all of it, at least begin with the second hour.

Then ask yourselves from where & why their obviously massive funding comes.

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